The Reliability of Kammprofile Gaskets


Kammprofile gaskets are one of the most reliable and innovative solutions available in the market for ensuring perfect sealing in high-temperature and high-pressure equipment joints. What sets kammprofile gaskets apart is their unique structure, combining the flexibility of metal gaskets with the resilience of graphite or elastomeric gaskets. The result is a product that offers sealing, chemical resistance, and exceptional durability. The combination of metal layers and graphite, or other elastomeric material, creates an effective sealing surface that can withstand extreme operating conditions.

These gaskets are designed to fit a wide range of applications, including standard pipe joints, flanges, and equipment main joints. Their versatility makes them ideal for industries such as chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, and many others. Regardless of the operating conditions, kammprofile gaskets maintain their sealing properties for an extended period, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


Kammprofile gaskets are an excellent choice for those seeking maximum reliability in sealing, prioritizing quality and safety.


We, at the GPE division, are proud of the high-quality level achieved in the production of Kammprofile gaskets, serving the needs of our clients.

In this context, we supported a client in the design of a particular Kammprofile gasket: this gasket featured an integrated outer ring and centering tabs, carefully designed to provide reliable sealing and easy installation, enabling superior performance in various applications.

The combination of the integrated ring and centering tabs offers numerous advantages:

The integrated ring plays a fundamental role in ensuring proper alignment between the mating surfaces, while the tabs serve to facilitate centering and ensure accurate positioning during installation. Thanks to this feature, the gasket is particularly suitable for applications where precision is essential, reducing or even eliminating the risk of positioning errors.


Furthermore, the ring with tabs helps distribute pressure evenly between the contact surfaces and the gasket, ensuring optimal sealing and superior resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses.


A big thanks to the entire team at GPE for their exceptional work in manufacturing these gaskets. Their commitment, expertise, and dedication make it possible to create high-quality products that offer reliable sealing solutions.

The innovative approach and attention to detail have resulted in an excellent product like the one mentioned above, providing added value to our customers.


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Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and help you find the right sealing solution for your needs.