Splash Guard TX90.10 - The only one capable of detecting the leak from any direction

These covers are designed to protect plant personnel and equipment from dangerous chemical leaks along piping lines. They divert joint leakage (both liquid and gaseous) so that the fluid drips safely onto the floor instead of splashing into adjacent areas or hitting personnel.

Systems protected by TX90.10s with following benefits:

  • Reduction of possible accidents
  • Reduction of damage to equipment
  • Facilitate routine inspections with remote leak visibility
  • Reduction of downtime and lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Highlight, report dangerous installations

All TX90.10 flange and valve guards are made of glass fabric with chemical resistant vinyl. Easy to apply and remove and resistant to atmospheric agents.

The TX90.10 flange guards divert liquid and change color when in contact with a leak (for temperatures up to 104°C).

Any leak, not necessarily in large quantities, acts chemically on impact with the fabric, modifying its color in such a way as to highlight the leakage of the product.

When the color of the splash guards changes, it becomes visible from a distance thus providing immediate warning of the leak ( *see the “Chemical reaction of the fabric” table); this effectively makes every operator an inspector.

Leaks guard for valves

The covers are designed to suit 95% of the valves on the market today – from the smallest up to 600mm. in height and 1200 mm. in circumference, including Saunders valves.

Splash guard for flanges

Two types of TX90.10 covers are available for all flanges from 1/2” ASA size and up.

Type 1 is suitable for welded joints, where the leak is between the flanges only, while type 2 is for joints where the leak is between the pipe and the flange and/or between the flanges.

Special splash guards

Non-standard covers can be made on request. VED can also supply protections for special applications such as pumps or to protect tools and equipment located in dangerous places.

Metallic mud flaps TX90.55

The TX90.55 metal guards find application in flange leakage containment systems, in order to avoid the effects of product leakage, thus avoiding the risk of accidents.

Technical characteristics of the flange bodies

  • Dimensions for ANSI B16.5 Standard Flanges ASA 150 to ASA 600 or other;
  • Resistance to operating temperatures from -40°C to +1000°C (depending on the insert)
  • Standard material of the flange cover in Aisi 316 or other compatible with the pressure and temperature of the fluid treated, containment band thickness 0.5 mm. Width of the sealing band is equal to the thickness of the flanged coupling to be protected, internal part of the band with welded Aisi 316 metal braiding.
  • Closure with adjustable metal locking.
Upon request, it is possible to apply a nipple to convey any leaks.


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