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The services of the GPE Business Unit are qualified on more than 50 years of experience in the field of sealing systems, for pressure applications. We offer tailor-made solutions in compliance with current regulations.


We believe in the continuous updating of machinery and in the use of new production technologies, to offer ever higher quality, efficiency and fast delivery times. Our technical department uses CAD software platforms to support the various requests with the necessary engineering technical competence.


Each production phase is followed by skilled workers with over 50 years of experience. The guarantees offered point to zero-leakage in the construction of seals capable of resolving even critical situations of the equipment.


Safety at work.
All our activities are carried out in compliance with the highest safety standards. Our specialized operators are engaged in continuous training courses to adapt work activities to current regulations.

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The Reliability of Kammprofile Gaskets

The Reliability of Kammprofile Gaskets Kammprofile gaskets are one of the most reliable and innovative solutions available in the market for ensuring perfect sealing in high-temperature and high-pressure equipment joints. What sets kammprofile gaskets apart is their unique structure, combining …
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